Coaching with Nancy

You are quiet or introverted and while you embrace who you are, you secretly know you hold yourself back in some areas of life. You know that you were made for more. You want to stop wasting your time and unleash your personal power.

Your personal and professional relationships? Well, it’s complicated! You love people, but your energy is drained by them too. However, you know all too well that relationships are everything, so you want that fine balance where you and your relationships can thrive.

Feelings can sometimes be overwhelming. Anxiety has been a constant in your life. It affects your self-confidence and sometimes, you find it hard to just be yourself. You tend to be super hard on yourself, which doesn’t help your anxiety or confidence. You just want some relief!

Our work together


Be a confident and effective leader.

Find your unique voice.

Communicate authentically and effectively.

Upgrade your influence and not be overlooked.

Grow in your professional role.

Develop your own leadership style and skills.

Be able to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Be a master at influencing your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior to produce desired outcomes.

Personal Presence

Put yourself “out there” without being fake or phony.

Confidently ask for and receive what you want.

Break free from the grip of anxiety.

Overcome self-doubt.

Upgrade your personal and professional relationships.

Develop healthy and productive habits.

Get clear on what you value, what moves you, and stand for.

Create a greater and more confident sense of self.

Emotional Intelligence

Tap into your personal power easily and readily. Transform your relationship with yourself and become more of who you really are. Maximize your potential and operate as the highest expression of your being. Create greater self-awareness that takes you into untapped realms and possibilities. Be a solid, compelling, and emotionally intelligent individual. Master emotional self-regulation and experience more peace and greater sense of control of your life.

Social Intelligence

Create rapport with anyone, anytime, with ease and clarity. Have greater social awareness and understanding of others’ inner states for greater connection. Have greater influence over social interactions that matter to you. Increase your self-confidence and social facility. Increase your attunement to yourself and others. Elevate your self-presentation: the ability to present yourself in ways that make a desired impression.

Is this you?

Former client stories

The only way I could go to parties and have a good time was to drink before I got there, (only to beat myself up later).
– J.P

I kept myself from advancing in my career because others had an opinion about it.
– N.S.

I obsessed & agonized over every detail… what I would say, how I would say it, how it would be received, how others would feel. I drove myself nuts!
– M.B

I used to be paralyzed by anxiety and all I could do was sit there pretending to play on
my phone.
– C.H

Every time I walked into a restaurant and I saw people laughing and so much as slightly looking my way, I thought they were laughing at me.
– A.P

If you can relate to any of the above, you are not alone.

My Approach

There is no need to hide, overthink or play small anymore. I believe that developing your authentic leadership presence is key.

The presence you bring to the roles you play, both personally and professionally, makes all the difference.

How you show up, connect, speak, listen, and behave—every move you make on the corporate or personal stage of life combine to create the impact you have and will make.

Presence comes from within. It’s an inside job that begins with an inner state, leading to a series of external behaviors that have you operating at your best and highest self.

Fortunately, you don’t have to have been born with exceptional qualities. The skills of self-leadership, presence, social and emotional intelligence, along with self-acceptance, and self-confidence can be developed and mastered with practice. This is just some of the work that we do together.

Elevate your leadership presence and grow your self-confidence.

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