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Personal Coaching 

Private one-on-one coaching for the introverteD woman LEADER

For those that want a private, side-by-side, customized coaching experience.

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REWIRED Group Coaching

group coaching for        the shy and socially anxious 

(men & women)

A NOVEL APPROACH TO SOCIAL ANXIETY:                Shame-free group coaching and mentoring for the shy and socially anxious. You will never think about anxiety the same way again.

The Quiet Influencer™

group coaching and Mentoring for    business owners

For those that are ready for NEXT-LEVEL coaching and mentoring.                              Be a person with great presence. Lead with authority. Effect change. Authentically raise your platform and upgrade your influence.

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What clients are saying about REWIRED...

Having struggled with social anxiety pretty much all my life, this course was a major eye-opener and refresher for me, filled with many "ah-ha!" moments. It was so amazing to be reminded by Nancy that I have so much more power over my thoughts and emotions than I truly realize (or often, tend to forget) and that making simple shift in my thoughts can have a dramatic impact on my feelings. 

I can't say enough good things about "REWIRED" and about working with Nancy as my coach.

Thank you Nancy, truly for what you do. From the bottom of my heart, you are truly an amazing coach and teacher!
If anyone is "on the fence" about joining her course, my advice to you would be to "just do it!"  You'll learn lessons that will not just help you overcome social anxiety and develop confidence, but tools that you can carry with you throughout the rest of your life!

Brigitte Belle

Author, Coach, Entrepreneur

I originally took this course to better understand my daughter’s introverted nature. So many conversations and interactions that come so naturally to me are very difficult for her. I have watched her in the past and tried to help her but, I don’t think I was able to truly feel or understand what it was like for her.
What I learned is that Nancy not only gives clients the tools they need to grow and enjoy their lives, but she is an inspiration herself. She has lived it and is a shining example of what is possible. She is very knowledgable in the field of neuroscience and is authentic, real and approachable. Nancy does not ‘sugar coat’ the world and makes it CLEAR to us that some discomfort is in store for introverts to effectively deal with their obstacles.​
More importantly, she makes it clear that the discomfort is so worth it, in order to achieve dreams and goals. I have a whole new understanding of introverts and feel better equipped to support my daughter without trying to “fix” her.

Vicky Hartwell

Mother of an introvert

I am definitely an introvert and value my alone time. However, I have been my own worst enemy, holding myself back from living to my full potential. Taking this course helped me consciously recognize how I was holding myself back, blaming myself, and not allowing myself to express my feelings. This gave me the ability to change my actions and give myself permission to get out of my comfort zone and stretch myself to another level.
After taking the course, I decided to book a vacation by myself to Cancun (something I feared and waited four years to do!)
Moreover, I went on four adventurous excursions while I was there and met so many interesting people from all over the world. This is something I would never do. I found courage, I didn't know I had! Being far from home with complete strangers and being authentically myself created many emotional and physical releases. I felt freedom, at peace, and happy!
Nancy has put together a very comprehensive and yet practical course on the physiology, psychology, and mental aspects of behavior and beyond.

Eileen Mendel

CEO Inner Edge International

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