I have a deep belief that all of us are born leaders….

But most of us have this leadership thing wrong.

It’s not our fault. We’ve been taught to believe that leadership is equivalent to status, being outspoken, or loud. That when we achieve great things in life, that’s when we have permission to call ourselves leaders.

We buy into this notion that the more we go up the corporate ladder, the more we can lead. Or that leadership is represented by all the achievements we’ve amassed.

Certainly, it takes leadership skills to achieve great things, but I believe TRUE leadership is in our willingness to be uncomfortable.

Leadership is an inside out approach.

We are all born leaders, but a lot of us are not willing to be uncomfortable. Practicing the six master skills I shared with you on a daily basis is not comfortable work. It taker a bolder, more evolved version of you. Coming from ego/identity, we strive to stay in comfort and the least amount of pain.

Settling becomes our lot in life. 

Survival is the best we can hope for. 

Resistance is a great idea. 

Avoidance is logical. 

Denial is how we get through another day. 

Comfort allows us to stagnate.
And when we stagnate, we let go of our dreams.
When we let go of our dreams, we lose our passion.
And when we lose our passion, we’re back into the comfortable and settled lot of life.

It becomes a vicious cycle.

These are examples of ways of being in the world, not of whom we really are. It’s not very much fun. Even though it can be unsatisfying, it doesn’t require things to change. We keep playing the same game each day because it’s still more comfortable than being really uncomfortable.

The opposite of comfort is discomfort. 

And the price of your dreams is in the willingness to be uncomfortable. 

I want you to consider that our essential nature, our spirit, also longs for challenge and play. And therefore, we must do the opposite of what our ego has us convinced us of. Especially when we set goals, when we want to make a difference in the world, and when we know we want to play a bigger game in life.

Even though it’s counterintuitive, we must be willing to set uncomfortable goals. Goals that stretch us and are outside of our comfort zone.

That’s where possibility lives.

Our comfort zone should be a place to visit every now and then, not where we live full time. 

How uncomfortable can you get in order to live a more authentic life that is aligned with your deepest passions?

I’d love to support you in getting there.

🧡 Nancy

Ready to set uncomfortable goals? I’ve got your back! Schedule a call with me here.

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