Hello, my friends…

 I looooove Google. Do you?

We are so fortunate to live in a world where we can look up a-n-y-thing, and in seconds, we have hundreds if not thousands of resources.

We can learn about anything… from rare diseases to our family ancestry, to other people’s lives, and even learn new skills.

We also have so many more choices now than we did before.

If we look up “white sneakers” on Google, we will literally get thousands of choices. Deciding has become more challenging. Our brains could get tired before we even get going.

We’ve become knowledgeable and savvy individuals with more choices than we ever wanted. The problem with that is that we now suffer from decision fatigue. We possibly stay in confusion and indecision much longer than we need to.

There’s an old saying that knowledge is power. But I just don’t think so anymore. Knowledge is good, for sure. Learning is good.

But I think we’ve become knowledge junkies. Information junkies.
I am guilty of it too. I have more books than I have room for in my house.

But you know what I think?

Being over-informed seems to cause underconfidence. The more information we have, the less confident about our decisions we are. We don’t trust our gut. We “don’t know enough yet”. The quest for more knowledge diminishes our power because it leaves us unable to act.

Because we feel diminished in our power, we turn to social media for approval and validation rather than trusting our intuition and experiences. We make it mean something when people don’t “like” or “follow” us.

We’ve become more confused about who we are and think that confidence in ourselves will come from those external things. Like Pavlov’s dogs, we’ve been conditioned to seek reward, not from food, but from constant social validation.

So, then what? If knowledge is not power anymore, then what is? 

Knowing WHO you are is POWER.

TRUSTING yourself is POWER.

Making confident DECISIONS and standing behind them is POWER.

Using what you know to create RESULTS on purpose is POWER.

Giving up external validation is POWER.

DECLARING your choices, out loud, for no other reason, but because they matter to you is POWER.

You are powerful, my friend.

You have “enough” knowledge to do/be/have what you want.

Take that and run with it!

P.S. Don’t give up learning.

P.P.S. Don’t let the quest for knowledge stop you from acting.

P.P.S.S. Be amazing!


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