When self-doubt runs the show, we give too much air time to what other people think about us, what we’ll sound like, how we are perceived, or whether we’ll be heard.

Impostor syndrome hampers the best of our efforts.

We don’t want to be copycats but we don’t love our own original ideas enough to run with them and think everyone else’s are better.

We may spend an enormous amount of time looking at other people’s stuff instead of working on our own.

I say enough of that. 

What if we had everyone’s approval?
What if we knew, everything we did would be well received?
What if we knew that we were 100% loved, supported, and accepted no matter what?

Would that make a difference in what you allow yourself to put out there?
Would it make a difference in how you express yourself?
Would it make a difference in how you show up?
Would you be able to share your ideas freely?
Disagree without fear of repercussion?
Would you go all out with our goals?

I imagine that you’d be freer.
I imagine that your self-expression would not be stifled.
I imagine that you’d explore your ideas freely.
I imagine that you’d stop lying to yourself about wanting what you want.
I imagine that you’d see your uniqueness, not as a hindrance, but as a gift.
I imagine that you’d blaze your own trail.

I dream of that world. A world where we all get to blaze our own trail. Where self-doubt doesn’t run the show. Where we all get to have and create what we want and come alive in 2021!

That’s why I created this goal-setting workshop for you:

Blaze Your Own Trail in 2021.
It’s happening Tuesday, December 29th @ 9 am PST

The only thing you need to bring is your own approval, 100% self-love, self-acceptance, and be willing to receive yourself and your ideas well (your journal to jot down notes too!).
If you’re not 100% there yet, it’s okay, we’ll work on strengthening that muscle. But let me warn you, when you do, you will be unstoppable!

Here’s the best part: It’s FREE. Sign up here.

(don’t worry about all the deets …come as you are… it will be awesome!) 🧡

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