The Six MAster Skills
For Introverted Women Leaders

Communicate clearly.
Engage easily.
Influence with power and credibility.

How would you rate yourself on these skills?
  • Presence 79% 79%
  • Social Intelligence 75% 75%
  • Emotional Intelligence 85% 85%

The 6 Master Skills Mini Training
will help you learn how to use your voice to engage, connect, build confidence and credibility with people, in any capacity, through self-leadership and authentic communication.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Start Here

Hey there!
So happy you joined me for this training!
I believe there’s an inner leader in all of us,
…but most of us underutilize our skills.

It’s not our fault.

We’ve inherited the belief that leadership is something we DO.
Certainly, that’s a small part of it,
but TRUE leadership is more about how we show up in life and work.
Leadership shows up in our Being.
It’s an inside out approach.

Practicing these six master skills on a daily basis is not comfortable work.
It takes a bolder, more evolved version of you.
I am here to support you as you step into that leader you were meant to be
so that you get more out of life, work and relationships. 

I help my clients develop and utilize these skills gently and deliberately.

It won’t always be comfortable.
But it will change your life!

If you are ready to play a bigger game in your work, personal life, and the world, I am here to help you get there.
Ready to come out of hiding and say yes to your dreams?

Up-level your leadership presence!

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