REWIRED: The Inside Out Approach to Mastering Shyness and Social Anxiety

A Novel Approach to Social Anxiety


Group Coaching and Mentoring Program
for the shy, introverted, or socially anxious


Want to learn how to manage stress and anxiety, 

by harnessing the power of your MIND?

If public speaking, performing, teaching, facilitating, getting interviewed, speaking up at meetings or

being in certain social situations/settings give you anxiety, you are not alone.


Social anxiety is more common than people think.

Over 15 million american adults suffer from social anxiety, while fewer than 5% seek any help.

Many people just, 'deal with it,’ usually by avoiding life altogether or abandoning goals. That's too bad:(

Don't be one of them.

     In REWIRED: The Inside Out Approach to Mastering Shyness and Social Anxiety, you will not only learn how to

     master your anxiety but you will walk away with tools/concepts/ideas that you can use immediately in EVERY

     area of your life to keep anxiety at bay.

     If you are quiet, shy, introverted or socially anxious, this six-week online group program is designed for you.

Managing Anxiety for Introverts 

In this course you will learn how to:

                                                        manage stress and anxiety once and for all 

                                                        disrupt mental blocks that keep you stuck

                                                        overcome self-doubt

                                                        unleash your self-confidence

                                                        grow your self-esteem and...

                                                        harness the POWER of your mind!

Developing Self-Confidence 

Included in REWIRED, FREE BONUS Course

Self-Confidence for Quiet People: The TRUTH about Confidence and Self-Esteem


Self-confidence is not inherent. 

It's not a personality trait that some people posses and others don't.

Self-confidence, quite simply, is a choice you make about YOU.

In REWIRED, we will dive deeper into this concept and you will develop skills that strengthen your presence,

self-assurance, and composure in any situation.

You will grow your self-belief,

be more open to new opportunities,

and feel empowered to take up your rightful place in the world.

My approach is not just unconventional but transformational.

When we are through, you will see and know yourself, in a WHOLE new way!

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Next Group Starting March 2020

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