You were meant for more!

It’s time to stop hiding your brilliance and authentically upgrade your presence, increase your influence, visibility, and speak up with confidence and authority.

Are you ready to stop playing a small role in the stage of your life?


                                    YOU WANT

  • To be a confident and effective leader.
  • To lead with presence, power, and clarity.
  • To find your unique voice.
  • To communicate effectively.
  • To put yourself “out there” without pretending to be someone you are not.
  • To not be passed up or overlooked.
  • To confidently ask for and receive what you want.
  • To break free from paralyzing anxiety.
  • To NOT be stopped by fear and self-
  • doubt.
  • To be yourself while leading with your best assets.
  • To upgrade your influence and credibility.
  • To engage freely and easily with others.
  • To be able to manage and process strong feelings and emotions.

Are you willing to receive what you deserve and be the leader you were meant to be?

                                            YOU GET

  • Clarity and awareness that will propel you naturally into action.
  • To learn how to make authentic decisions that work for you.
  • Increased performance in all areas of life.
  • To think clearly and stay focused under pressure.
  • The self-confidence you need to stand out as a leader.
  • To lead with power and presence.
  • To master the skills of social and emotional intelligence that will support you in making decisions and solve problems with ease.
  • To establish healthy boundaries.
  • To elevate your communication and social skills.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness and conflict management.
  • To be seen, heard, and remembered.
  • To make things happen!

You don’t need to do this on your own

I know you are used to doing things on your own. You are strong, and you can hold your own, I know. You’ve accomplished many things on your own. But believe me when I tell you that you need support to grow personally and professionally and take yourself to a world where the impossible becomes possible.

And not just any support. You need the support of someone who understands your challenges because they’ve been there. Being alone and free to do your own thing is okay, but for many of us introverts, that is our comfort zone. And our comfort zone can leave us stagnating and not moving forward.

Be willing to ask for what you need and be contributed to in a way you’ve probably never been contributed to: without attachment, fluff, hope, or empty promises. Just two people having an elevated conversation that leaves you empowered to operate at your highest best so that you can go out and create the results you most want. It’s that simple, yet the most powerful!

Just imagine waking up six months from now NOT being debilitated by…

Second-guessing yourself and overthinking every detail of your life and interactions
Self-doubt, lack of self-confidence and not feeling enough
Lack of progress and seeing yourself exactly where you were a year ago

Just imagine that life being a thing of the past .

What They Say

I was terrified of putting myself out there. I used to think that my colleagues and boss thought my ideas were stupid so I never shared them. I stayed stuck in a position I hated for years. Working with Nancy gave me the confidence to finally speak my mind, confidently share my ideas, and stop hiding in the back of the room. When my ideas weren’t implemented, I didn’t make it mean anything about me. I kept sharing and practiced using my voice. Six months later, the position I thought I hated became fun and energizing! Now I love what I do!

S. Miller

Change is always a bit uncomfortable, but staying where you are is even more.

Making a decision is simple, but committing to it is where your power lies. ​I only work with committed individuals who are ready to challenge themselves. Six-months can change the course of your life.

Coaching will challenge you but it will be absolutely worth it!


We will have 24 weekly calls live on Zoom and you will have access to recordings of the sessions if desired.


You will have email support from me in between sessions and access to coaching tools, workbooks, and video trainings.


 I only work with a few committed individuals per year, so be ready to commit, be engaged, and be intentional. 


Be willing to get out of your comfort zone and to actively and proactively do the practices we design together.


Coaching happens by application only. Please do not apply unless you know you can commit to this kind of engagement.

i’m all in to support you!

I want to know your deepest desires, what moves you and inspires you. I want to support you in unleashing what you’ve been holding inside. Let’s have an intimate and empowering conversation.

All about you!

Are you ready? Are you all in?

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