Our brains don’t like change.

It’s human nature.

Have you noticed that we don’t have to work very hard at keeping things the same? 

It’s when we want to change something that we need to work hard. And by working hard, I mean that we need to THINK in ways we are not used to.

Yesterday I had an interesting conversation with my husband about how differently we each experience the same exact same situation. We were talking about the change we are currently experiencing with all our kids being home now. It was interesting because (being intelligent adults and all!) we know that we bring different perspectives to the same conversation. And yet, at the moment, we often only see our own view.

It made for an interesting discussion that later had me looking up the word CHANGE. The world has changed, and so has my tiny bubble at home. New expectations arose that probably didn’t exist before, nor were communicated.


My brain is working hard at seeing different scenarios and THINK in ways it is not used to.

That’s what CHANGE is. 

New and different.

A new or refreshingly different experience.

The beauty of being human is that with my brain, I can always CHOOSE the experience I want to be having.

Therefore, how I EXPERIENCE change is entirely up to me. 🧡

That’s good news. 

How about you?

How do you experience change?

See you next month, my friends.

🧡  Nancy

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