The ART of Quiet Influence Immersion

Do you worry that you may be too quiet to succeed or make a difference?

Do you secretly believe you can’t have the impact and influence you dream of without changing yourself? If you’ve ever thought that your introversion or quiet nature is a problem, you’ve been sold the westernized idea that being extroverted, assertive, imposing, or loud are preferred qualities, if you are to achieve success.

That is B.S., my friend.

Introverts and quiet people can be highly effective influencers when they make the most of their natural strengths instead of trying to do things like everybody else or trying to act extroverted.

I know what it’s like to feel like you’re supposed to be the loudest or most outgoing person in the room to be heard. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to change who you are to lead with power, get a raise or promotion, grow a business, start a new business, change careers, speak on stage or anything else that you want for your life.

Whether you want to be a person of influence or not, your long term personal and professional success is a matter of influence, not whether you are quiet or introverted. The influence you have over yourself, and the influence you have over others.

Why wouldn’t you want to exercise that influence?

Influence is not coercion or force. Influence is not about being the loudest person in the room. Influence is about using your inherent innate ability to influence yourself and others in a way that creates connection, affinity, and results. When you become an influencer of your own thoughts and feelings, you will drive the actions that create extraordinary outcomes.


The ART of Quiet Influence Immersion

I wanted to create a space where the quiet people of the world can come, build relationships, be heard, be real, be empowered in who they are, dream BIG, and create the most extraordinary lives, all without giving up who they are.

And here it is, The Art of Quiet Influence Immersion. A group-coaching program laser-focused on what will support you to be the best at who you are. Being you. Come join us!

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                                  Be the most confident introvert you know!

A Quiet Influencer

  • is not obsessed with having a million likes and followers on social media.
  • is not concerned about being Instafamous.
  • is a person of influence who has quietly paved her way to success.
  • is not afraid to be herself to effect change…
  • is a natural leader, quiet, but firm in her beliefs.
  • is a connector and creative problem solver.
  • doesn’t talk just for the sake of talking.
  • when she speaks, others listen.
  • she has great presence.
  • she’s socially and emotionally intelligent.
  • she knows that she doesn’t need to be loud to make a difference.
  • she doesn’t feel the need to apologize for being quiet either.
  • she feels entitled to be herself at all times.
  • she never compromises the integrity of her work for ‘social’ currency.
  • zhe is not a natural risk taker but is willing to take risks in order to achieve her goals.
  • she is confident in herself, her abilities, and her work.
  • she is not afraid to show up, be physically present, and step out of her comfort zone.
  • she is unforgettable…
  • she is a Quiet Influencer™

No more hiding or playing small

    You’ll gain everything and lose nothing.

    (Six Modules, Six Weeks)


    Personal Presence

    Social Intelligence

    Emotional Intelligence



    This becomes your new

    My friend, what would it mean to you to wake each day and know that your


    is your greatest asset?

    To feel so good in your skin, be proud of your work, life, accomplishments, and way
    of being?


    What would you be creating?

    You have no idea how much you’ve been missing these skills to create

    powerful results

    in your life.

    Creating a New Identity

    Your way of being influences how you see yourself and the world around you.

    You can experience yourself and your life in a way that is energizing, empowering, and inspiring.

    Your ‘way of being’ is your choice. And when you have these principles as your foundation, you can’t help but create tangible and lasting results.

    We start January 2024


                                      Be the most confident introvert you know!

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