If you think of yourself as a “certain way” (believe me, I do), make sure that “certain way” serves you.

If you think you CAN’T do certain things because your personality is such that you do things ‘this way’ or ‘that way’, you might want to upgrade the way you think of WHO YOU ARE.

Here are a few things I’ve heard this week:

“I’ve always been an ALL or NOTHING person.”

What does that mean, exactly?

Does that THOUGHT move you forward or not?

Are you a switch? On, then off? One day you’re ALL IN and the next, NOTHING?

You’re all in until WHAT?

“I’ve always taken the easy route?”

What does that mean, exactly? If you’re planning a trip to Yosemite, I’m all IN!

If you’re talking about your future goals, is that an OBSTACLE?

Is ALWAYS even 100% TRUE? So what? What does that mean about your FUTURE exactly?

“I’ve never been good at setting BOUNDARIES.”

What does that mean, exactly?

Annnnd… you NEVER will be?

Annnnd… therefore that means that you WON’T?

Be careful not to BOX yourself into “THIS IS WHO I AM”. That seems pretty permanent.

Where else can you go from there if that is ‘who you are’ and always have been?

You are different than you were a year ago, even 6 months ago…

Why would you want to describe yourself as if what you DO is a permanent part of your personality?

CHOOSE who you WANT to BE and then get BUSY creating your PERSONALITY around that. 🧡

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