Be Authentic. Raise Your Platform. Upgrade Your Influence.


  Private One-on-One Coaching
for Introverted  Women Leaders

  • To be a confident and effective leader
  • To lead with presence, power, and clarity
  • To find your unique voice
  • To communicate effectively
  • To put yourself "out there" without being fake or phoney
  • To upgrade your influence and not be passed up or overlooked
  • To confidently ask for and receive what you want
  • To break free from the grip of anxiety


  • Clarity and awareness that will propel you naturally into action
  • To learn how to make authentic decisions that work for YOU
  • Improved performance in all areas of life
  • Self-confidence
  • To lead with presence
  • To learn the master skills of emotional and social intelligence
  • Self-acceptance
  • To make decisions and solve problems with ease
  • To expand and stretch beyond what you're comfortable with in order to grow and develop yourself 

Private One-on-One Coaching includes:

  • Kickstart Call - to go over all of Welcome Packet, Project's, Goals
  • Access to the Group REWIRED! Program: Live Sessions, and Recordings
  • Regular Private Zoom Sessions that fit your busy schedule
  • Each Session is Recorded for Unlimited Review
  • Email Support between Sessions 
  • Private Client Portal to post practices, access, review and submit any materials/homework/handouts.
  • Private Facebook Group Membership 

I’m all in to support you. 

Are you ready?

Let’s talk!

I invite you to schedule a Mini Session with me to review what areas you need support in, and how I can help you get there!

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Are you local? 

Would you like to meet in person? 

I believe one of the best ways to relax into the coaching process, is when you're most relaxed, comfortable and in a casual setting. You can add another layer to your coaching experience through my Walk and Talks. These are one-on-one coaching sessions done outdoors, walking around an ourdoor location in San Diego.  

This is one of my favorite ways to coach.

Being out in nature and walking while talking relaxes and opens the mind, produces a unique meditative and expanded state. It produces higher levels of awareness and healthy endorphins! 

While moving, words become linked with forward motion, the thinking brain becomes connected with the body, while integrating the learning, insights and aha's with all parts of you. The journey to transformation becomes more enjoyable.

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