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Discomfort on Purpose

Last year I read a book called The Discomfort Zone which became the inspiration for my phrase of this year. Every year in late December or early January I get together with my coach friends to work on our vision boards. We also declare our word of the year (WOTY) that we add to the […]

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The Hangxiety Cure

Back in January this year, I participated in a body-cleanse challenge led by my friend, who is also a nutrition and health coach. The challenge included staying off alcohol, sugar, flour, and dairy for 21-days. Even though my body revolted for a few days initially, I’ve never felt better. I thought that giving up my […]

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Can Social Anxiety and Unshakable Self-Confidence Co-Exist?

Can social anxiety and unshakable self-confidence co-exist?  Do they even belong in the same sentence?Social anxiety or social phobia by definition is caused by the fear of being judged or evaluated by others, or the fear of embarrassing oneself. It follows a pattern of behaviors such as nervousness in social settings, avoiding being the center of […]

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Monkey on methamphetamines??!

I recently read a magazine that used ‘monkey on methamphetamines’ as a metaphor for the anxious mind. I thought it was a funny but accurate description for the racket of thoughts, images and feelings that occupy our mind and body when we are anxious. We could call it, ‘Brains Gone Wild’. A little bit of anxiety is […]

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LIFE CHANGING Habits 2.0, Part 4

Everything that has ever been created on this planet started with a thought. A chair was a thought before it became a thing. So was a table. Look around you and you will see that everything was created in thought first. Every building, every innovation, everything that makes our life better. It’s really fascinating when […]

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