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Good Lord…what will people say or think?!

God, love her, my dear mother. She would often say: “Don’t do that! What will people say?!” “Stop! What will the neighbors think?!” Growing up, I heard that so often, it got permanently tattooed in my mind. I was already quiet and shy as a young girl. I didn’t talk much. My father once told me that I was a very quiet baby, rarely cried or made a fuss. So, being freely self-expressed was not in […]

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My pretending days are over, are yours?

When I was in high school, I participated in musical theatre. This required being on stage and in front of people. You’d think that as an introvert, this is the last thing one would do. But I came from a musical family, and singing, dancing and acting was how me and my siblings often entertained ourselves. For as long as I can remember, my mom would make me sing or dance for anyone who stopped […]

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How NOT to sell yourself: What Introverts Need to Know About Networking

  I once was told by an introverted man that his biggest discomfort around networking was the feeling of having to ‘sell himself.’ I asked him what selling himself meant and he said he disliked talking about himself, having to remember his skills and accomplishments as a selling point and having ineffective conversations.   It occurred to me that he might have the wrong idea about what networking really is. What I tell my coaching clients, is […]

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