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Monkey on methamphetamines??!

I recently read a magazine that used ‘monkey on methamphetamines’ as a metaphor for the anxious mind. I thought it was a funny but accurate description for the racket of thoughts, images and feelings that occupy our mind and body when we are anxious. We could call it, ‘Brains Gone Wild’. A little bit of anxiety is good. It helps us stay on task and be productive. However, when anxiety goes wild, we don’t see things clearly, […]

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LIFE CHANGING Habits 2.0, Part 4

Everything that has ever been created on this planet started with a thought. A chair was a thought before it became a thing. So was a table. Look around you and you will see that everything was created in thought first. Every building, every innovation, everything that makes our life better. It’s really fascinating when you think about it…a thought believed long enough to be executed with solid actions produces a result. Poof! Just like […]

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LIFE CHANGING Habits 2.0, Part 3

Let’s look at where the break happens in the good habits formula… …the INTERRUPTION (insert record scratch). The interruption is a bit tricky for us because it comes off as a good REASON, idea or thought.  It’s the disguise that convinces and influences our ENTIRE nervous system to NOT take the action, abandon our goals, give up on our pursuits and go back to the familiar.  Everything in life, from the minute you wake up, starts with a […]

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LIFE CHANGING Habits 2.0, Part 2

I know what to do so why don’t I do it? This is a question most of us ask ourselves at one time or another. We already know the how. We just can’t get ourselves to do it. Why do we get STUCK in between the sea of KNOWING and DOING? Why do we do this when we know better? Why do we keep frustrating ourselves when we just know already what it takes? The […]

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LIFE CHANGING Habits 2.0, Part 1

Anyone that’s ever coached with me knows my approach is pretty DIRECT. I like to go straight to the source….YOUR THINKING. Not from a judgy kind of place, but from a scientific one.I like to metaphorically cut the head open and look inside.I know that sounds gruesome but it’s just my way of trying to examine the wiring that led you to end up where you are now.When people think of changing bad habits or adopting […]

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