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What does The Law of Attraction have to do with the THINK-FEEL-ACT default mode?

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How to have more influence as an introvert… 😎

I was at a women’s business retreat last weekend and I met a lot of interesting women. When I introduced myself as an introvert coach, several of them approached me on our break to ask me just HOW I help introverts. When people ask me that, I often respond with a set of questions: Are […]

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How will you GROUND yourself in 2020?

What do you do during the year when you hit a slump, or things don’t go as planned? One of the ways I pick myself up is by looking at (and embodying) my Word Of The Year (WOTY). Don’t get me wrong. Choosing a word for the year is not like magic. You don’t get […]

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To set goals… or NOT.

  Today I had lunch with a friend of mine who is retired. We hadn’t seen each other in a while, so we spent a good part of our time catching up about our lives. At some point, in true, bonafide, coach-like fashion, I asked him what his goals for 2020 were, to which he […]

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How to Maximize Your Presence as an Introvert

What do you do when you feel passed up for opportunities, overlooked, or go unnoticed and underutilized because of your quiet nature? How do you get through the misconceptions others have about you? How do you put yourself “out there” without appearing fake or phony? How do you authentically increase your influence and speak with […]

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