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Are you riding the EMOTIONAL waves?

Hello there… I’m checking in… Are you riding the EMOTIONAL waves during this global pandemic? 🌊 Are you managing your energy? How are you taking care of yourself? I take care of myself by allowing myself to be HUMAN. I’ve been riding the waves of emotions and just allowing myself to FEEL all of them. […]

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What to do when your inner critic gets really LOUD

  Sometimes there is no need for DEEP WORK to deal with your inner critic.   Last week I gave my kids a scare and a good laugh simultaneously. Picture this. I’m in the garage running on the treadmill. The kids are in the living room, which is connected by a wall to the garage (and […]

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What does The Law of Attraction have to do with the THINK-FEEL-ACT default mode?

Hello, my friends! It has been a tough winter in the Haus-headquarters for colds. We have generously shared colds back and forth for what seems like 2 straight months (hence why you haven’t heard from me in two weeks)! I have a lingering cough that won’t go away (but makes me sound kind of sexy!). It’s […]

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How to have more influence as an introvert… ?

I was at a women’s business retreat last weekend and I met a lot of interesting women. When I introduced myself as an introvert coach, several of them approached me on our break to ask me just HOW I help introverts. When people ask me that, I often respond with a set of questions: Are […]

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How will you GROUND yourself in 2020?

What do you do during the year when you hit a slump, or things don’t go as planned? One of the ways I pick myself up is by looking at (and embodying) my Word Of The Year (WOTY). Don’t get me wrong. Choosing a word for the year is not like magic. You don’t get […]

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