I used to worry that my natural introversion meant that I would never be a force in the world around me.
I thought the most successful people were the loud, risk-taking, extroverted ones.

I was wrong again. Being a bold leader in both career and life can be a scary endeavor for introverts. I've been there. But we can do it! I'm living proof. It doesn't require pretending to be someone you are not. It requires that you manage your mind when it works against you. Bold does not mean loud or assertive and leader does not mean managing others well. Leader, means self-management.

I've created my success while being introverted, quiet, and often scared. None of those things mattered. What made a difference is how I saw myself. I once was extremely quiet and shy. I am no longer that, but still very much introverted. I don't use it as a label. It's just my nature. I like my time alone. I know that's never going to change. It's how I charge my batteries. When my thoughts about me changed, my business grew. When my thoughts about the world changed, clients came flowing in.

I realized that my introverted nature is my superpower, and knowing how to work with it made my life richer, fuller, and more purposeful.

Supporting other introverted women in business and solopreneurs is my passion. I am committed to guiding them to come out of hiding, be seen, heard and remembered. I help them use the most important tool they have: their MIND. I help them unleash their natural gifts, talents and strengths so they can take their businesses to greater heights. And in the process, find new direction, experience deeper meaning, and feel accomplished in all areas of life. 


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  • Being fluid in the process of finding your natural rhythm
  • Being audaciously connected to your body and intuition
  • Cultivating and discovering your uniqueness is an ongoing process
  • Embracing your introversion is the key to your success, fulfillment and purposeful work in the world
  • Celebrating, embracing and getting noticed for who you are, all parts of you, as you are
  • Living intentionally and deliberately authentic
  • Understanding neuroscience as the key to transforming our relationship to ourselves and others