Hi, I'm Nancy.

I am a life, leadership, and personal development coach, Registered Nurse, and cancer survivor.

My 20-year experience in nursing has taken me to a variety of patient care settings, which were the perfect environment for what became a transition out of nursing and into Life Coaching.

My excellent leadership, clinical, and nursing skills earned me several awards and special recognition from each of the organizations I have worked for. I am an avid mental health advocate and during my nursing career served as a Service Excellence Advisor, communicator, coach, mentor, and trainer on leadership, self-accountability, teamwork, and customer service "excellence" to hospital employees.

I've been nominated for a Pinnacle Achiever Award (highest accolade for service) at the Healthcare Service Excellence Summit Awards - an entity recognizing "service excellence" in the healthcare industry throughout the United States and Canada. One of my greatest joys has been helping people maintain or regain their optimal physical and emotional health and elevate their sense of self to new heights. 

Coaching became a natural evolution of that. I am a natural leader and no longer shy away from things that scare me. But it wasn't always that way.

Why Does My Background Matter?

Because I've created my success while being introverted, quiet, and often scared. I once was extremely quiet and shy. Always introverted. Being a bold leader in both career and life can be a scary endeavor for introverts. I get it. Been there. I am no longer quiet and shy, but still very much introverted. I don't use it as a label. It's just my nature. I like my time alone. I know that's never going to change. It's how I charge my batteries. I used to worry that my natural introversion meant that I would never be a force in the world around me.

I realized that my introverted nature is my superpower, and knowing how to work with it made my life richer, fuller, and more purposeful. Supporting other introverted women in business and solopreneurs is my passion. I am committed to guiding them to come out of hiding and unleash their natural gifts and strengths so they can take their businesses to greater heights and in the process, find new direction, experience deeper meaning, and feel accomplished in all areas of life. Your background and life experiences made you who you are.


  • Being fluid in the process of finding your natural rhythm
  • Being audaciously connected to your body and intuition
  • Cultivating and discovering your uniqueness is an ongoing process
  • Embracing your introversion is the key to your success, fulfillment and purposeful work in the world
  • Celebrating, embracing and getting noticed for who you are, all parts of you, as you are
  • Living intentionally and deliberately authentic

    I received my training at Accomplishment Coaching, the premier and most rigorous in-person training program provider in the country in the fields of coaching, leadership development, and personal transformation. This institution is also one of the few organizations that offer programs to train ontological coaches in the world.