Be Authentic. Raise Your Platform. Upgrade Your Influence.

Leadership Coaching

For High-Achieving Introverted Women



  To be a confident and effective leader.

  To lead with presence, power, and clarity.

  To find your unique voice.

  To communicate effectively.

  To put yourself “out there” without pretending to be                        someone you are not. 

  To not be passed up or overlooked.

  To confidently ask for and receive what you want.

  To break free from paralyzing anxiety.

  To NOT be stopped by fear and self-doubt.

  To be yourself while leading with your best assets. 

  To upgrade your influence and credibility.

  To engage freely and easily with others.

  To be able to manage strong feelings and emotions.


  Clarity and awareness that will propel you naturally into              action.

  To learn how to make authentic decisions that work for you.

  Increased performance in all areas of life.

  To think clearly and stay focused under pressure. 

  The self-confidence you need to stand out as a leader.

  To lead with power and presence. 

  To master the skills of social and emotional intelligence that          will support you in making decisions and solve problems with      ease.

  To establish healthy boundaries.

  To elevate your communication and social skills.

  Interpersonal effectiveness and conflict management.

  To be seen, heard, and remembered.

  To make things happen!

One-on-One Coaching includes:

  • ​I only work with committed individuals for six-month engagements. Coaching will challenge you but it will be absolutely worth it!
  • We will have 24 weekly calls live on Zoom and you will have access to recordings of the sessions if desired. You get to decide what you want to work on and we will map out a plan.
  • You will have email support from me in between sessions if desired, and access to coaching tools and video trainings.
  • Be ready to commit, be engaged, and be intentional. Be willing to get out of your comfort zone and to actively and proactively do the practices we design together.
  • Coaching happens by application only. Please do not apply unless you know you can commit to this kind of engagement.

I’m all in to support you.

Are you in?

Ready?  Let’s talk!

Fill out the application questions and then schedule your session with me. Look forward to connecting! I’ll be in touch!

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