It’s a great time to be alive right now, don’t you think?

I have a 10-year-old and I often tell her how lucky she is to be alive now. So much change happening in the world. In her 10 years, she has lived through unprecedented change in our country and in the world.


I DO believe it’s a great time to be alive right now. I choose to believe that.

But often, we don’t see it that way.

If we allow our brain to run amok, we may just be feeling dread and wishing for things to be over. ASAP!

What if we didn’t have to?

What if we didn’t wish for anything to be different other than what it is?

When we wish for things to be different, we suffer. 

I used to hate birthdays because I thought my birthdays reminded me of time lost (um…time was not lost!)
I used to wish I was more like my sister who seemed to have an endless supply of conversation (I love my sister my but I don’t wish to be her anymore. I love me for me).
I used to hate that I was an introvert because I thought it made life harder for me ( dead wrong!).

We don’t actually have to believe and engage with the thoughts we think.

We just have to think on purpose and redirect our brains. I choose thoughts that make me feel amazing because when I feel amazing I do great things. I don’t feel amazing every moment in time but I do feel good about the way I can still empower myself when I don’t.

In honor of my 48th birthday this week, I am going to share a list of my favorite 48 thoughts to think on purpose. Feel free to share some of yours with me too!

1. I am unconditionally loved and supported. I’ve got my own back and I cannot fail.
2. I choose to feel good about myself.
3. I deserve to ask for and receive the best out of life.
4. I like the way I think, feel, and do because I know what is best for me.
5. I am in my own corner.
6. I am proud of the person I’ve become.
7. I am positive, well-liked, and self-directed.
8. I have plenty of time to do everything I want in life.
9. Because I like myself, other people like me too.
10. People enjoy my company and I enjoy theirs.
11. I pay attention to what matters most to me.
12. I keep my word to myself and to others.
13. I am proud of the job I am doing every day.
14. I have a lot to feel good about.
15. I don’t squander my time or use it frivolously.
16. When I live in my truth, I see evidence of power, self-acceptance, love, creativity, and wisdom everywhere in my life.
17. I build my self-confidence day by day, word by word, action by action.
18. I know that growing my self-esteem is up to me and I work on it every day.
19. I know that I am responsible for how good I feel about myself.
20. I KNOW what I need to DO every time and I know HOW to do it.
21. I recognize my own potential and I am choosing to live it out.
22. I appreciate myself and my unique stamp in the world.
23. I make it easy to like and love myself, even at my worst.
24. I recognize that nobody can EVER play a role in diminishing my self-esteem or taking it from me.
25. I know that great self-esteem and self-confidence is no accident. I choose these deliberately.
26. I talk nicely to myself.
27. I don’t put myself down and when I catch myself doing so, I build myself right up.
28. I have pride in myself and it shows. Others see it and I let myself know it.
29. I find the best in myself and in others.
30. I take pride in the accomplishments of others.
31. I am a good person and I see the good in other people too.
32. I choose to build my self-esteem daily and I make sure it’s working for me in the best possible way.
33. I am in charge of who I am and the results I create.
34. I determine my own worthiness.
35. Everything happens right on time for me.
36. Everything happens FOR me.
37. I love this version of me and I love who I am becoming.
38. My purpose in life is the life I am living now.
39. When I put in a hard day’s work, I feel amazing!
40. I am more than enough in every way.
41. I make things happen and it’s okay if I toot my own horn!
42. I make choices that move me forward every day.
43. I am loving and forgiving to myself.
44. I know what others think of me is about them and not me.
45. My first job is to believe in myself.
46. I empower my decisions and don’t spend time regretting them.
47. NOW is a great time to get started.
48. I may not have known entirely what I was doing the first 48 years of my life, but I know exactly what I will choose to do, think, and feel for the next 48!

Would love to hear from you! Which of these will you take for yourself and what are some of your own?

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