How will you GROUND yourself in 2020?

What do you do during the year when you hit a slump, or things don’t go as planned?

One of the ways I pick myself up is by looking at (and embodying) my Word Of The Year (WOTY).

Don’t get me wrong. Choosing a word for the year is not like magic. You don’t get to pick a WORD, sit back, and all of a sudden, results start happening. 

A word does not create RESULTS alone, but it can remind you of what is possible. 

I do this every January. I choose a word, a set of words, or a theme. This word(s) or theme, when I think of it, lifts me up. It brings clarity to me, and it grounds me because of what it represents for me. 

It grounds me because it reminds me of where I am headed. It reminds me of my intentions and what I want my 2020 to look and feel like. It helps me stay focused and aligned with what I set out to do. I engage with it often and plan my actions around it. I allow its energy to guide me.

It seems like a simple exercise that can live on the surface of life – just like a vision board can. But if you allow it, your WOTY will enable you to come back to center, to come home to what is true for you. 

By the way, we don’t actually have ‘slumps,’ per se. We have thoughts. When we are stuck, we think we are just observing the fact that we are stuck, but in reality, we are just deciding that we are stuck with our thinking.      

We can decide to be stuck, but let’s just not pretend like it isn’t a decision. That’s what my WOTY reminds me of. That I’m not really in a slump. That I am not really stuck. It may feel like I am up to my neck in water, but if I move and I swim, and I paddle, I can get out. I don’t need to stand there, watching the water rise.

This year, I have three words.


They all have a unique feeling for me. I may have used each of those words in the past, but this year, they each have a different meaning for me. 

There is POWER in your WOTY.
Words are powerful.
Words grouped together create sentences.
Sentences in our brain are thoughts we think.

I have personally experienced the power of intention when it’s clear and it’s real. Yes, words alone cannot create results. But words can create intention. Intention can create a burning desire.

It can start with just a word.

Just words… that create thoughts. Thoughts that cause feelings. Feelings that drive actions. 

And what better way to create momentum than by creating a visual representation of something that anchors you. If you allow it, it can awaken ideas, give you direction, and open up new doors and adventures.

Imagine what your 2020 would look like if you took action from your WOTY. 

What would be different?
What would change?
What would be possible?

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