Why commitment feels HARD

A couple of my sisters are vegan even though we grew up omnivores. 

At some point in their lives, they decided to stop eating animal products altogether, and have never looked back. 

At family gatherings and celebrations, there is often plenty of animal products. We don’t take extraordinary measures to accommodate them. They eat the sides and vegetables or bring their own food. It’s a non-issue. They are committed 100% to their way of eating and don’t impose on anyone.

Commitment is being ALL IN. 

100% in.

Not 99%.

100% all in. 

When you’re 100% committed, the thing you commit to becomes the norm. It becomes who you are and you don’t experience self-doubt.

One day I was making a meal for our family, and one of my vegan sisters was helping me in the kitchen. I was cooking a meat dish that smelled delicious. I asked my sister if she ever missed eating meat or if the aroma made her crave meat.

She said, “No. Not ever.”

She said she makes meat dishes for her husband all the time and never even tastes them. She said that with ease and confidence. It was clear to me that it’s not a problem for her. For her, being vegan is not a thing she does or doesn’t do. It’s who she is. She is a woman who doesn’t consume animal products. Period. 

No question. No doubt. She doesn’t have to decide over and over what she shouldn't eat on a menu.

I often get asked by clients or friends why commitment is so hard, especially as it relates to goal setting. “Why is it hard to be disciplined and committed?” they ask.

The truth is that once you commit 100% to something, it is easy. It’s only when you are 99% or less committed that it is hard.

I learned this from Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. He says, "99% is a bitch. 100% is a breeze."

Either something is 100% worthy of your effort, or it’s 100% a waste of your time.

Think of how many times we use the word “Try”. 

I will “try” to make that event. 

I will “try” to work out today.

I will “try” to eat healthier next month.

That’s 100% non-committal. And it feels hard.

Commitment is not hard. Lack of commitment is. 

It seems hard ONLY when you’re not 100% all in. In fact, being 99% committed is exhausting. One foot in, one foot out is tiring. Starting, stopping, allowing distractions, starting over and over, is not only exhausting but it diminishes our ability to operate at our highest level. It reduces our self-belief and self-trust because we lack integrity with our word.

That’s much harder, don’t you think?

It takes a lot of mental energy to be non-committed. Starting and stopping plagues people with self-doubt, guilt, shame, and it requires that you make multiple decisions over and over. 100% commitment requires one decision. That’s it. No guilt. No doubt.

Now take a look at your life and notice where you have you been 99%-ing. 

Here are 3 things you can do today.

  1. Commit 100%.
  2. Notice how that makes you FEEL (it should give you a sense of relief and feel empowering!)
  3. Repeat.

P.S. If you want to hear Jacks take on this, check out his 6-minute YouTube video HERE.

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Kara says October 23, 2019

So true!! Thanks for the motivation!

    Nancy says October 23, 2019

    You’re welcome, Kara!

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