LIFE CHANGING Habits 2.0, Part 4

Everything that has ever been created on this planet started with a thought. A chair was a thought before it became a thing. So was a table. Look around you and you will see that everything was created in thought first. Every building, every innovation, everything that makes our life better.

It’s really fascinating when you think about it…a thought believed long enough to be executed with solid actions produces a result. Poof! Just like that. Something that didn’t exist before, now exists. Thoughts become things. It’s not magic. It’s just how the universe works.

This is the same way we create results in our personal lives. Think about something you’ve created in your life. It might be your career, your relationship, the physical space you live in, your weight, your income or a book you wrote. All your results started with a thought. You keep bringing your attention to that same thought or set of thoughts. Some are deliberate, active thoughts. Some are inattentive, passive or automatic. Both create results.

If you don’t like your current results, notice what thoughts you’re currently bringing to them. Let’s look inside to see how it works.

It’s been said that human beings only use around 10% of their brain. Fake news. The truth is that we use all parts of our brain, just not all at the same time, all of the time. The brain is always active. I don’t know how that myth got started but perhaps it came from the idea that most of us achieve only 10% of our full potential.

Or perhaps, facts got distorted from extapolations created after some neuroscientific studies revealed that only 5 to 10% of our cognitive activities (decisions, emotions, actions, behavior) are conscious whereas the remaining 90-95% are generated in a subconscious and unconscious manner.

In any case, our conscious brain, the part that thinks it’s in charge, usually isn’t. Most of our activities are not conscious. Think of when you’re driving your car home from work. You are not consciously thinking which way to go every single time. Your subconscious knows and leads the way.

When you’re squinting, you’re not thinking about doing it, yet it takes certain regions of the brain to direct your facial muscles. Again, not conscious. There are processes going on that are so routine, you don’t even think about…like breathing and walking.

Impulsive actions or decisions are not made using our higher, self-aware mind, our prefrontal cortex.

The CONSCIOUS mind is like the captain of the ship standing by the wheel barking out orders.

The SUBCONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS mind are like the CREW. They are underneath the deck in the engine room actually guiding the ship according to whatever training they have been given over the years.

The unconscious mind is defined as repressed information and memories that we are largely unaware of and is inaccessible through thought alone but definitely influences judgements, feelings and  behavior.

The subconscious is easily accessible if attention is given to it. An example is when you purposely try to remember a phone number or name of a person that you don’t immediately recall.

The unconscious mind constantly communicates with our conscious mind VIA our subconscious mind which in turn provides us with all the meaning we give to our interactions with the world.

Our subconscious mind is filtered by our thoughts, beliefs and habits. It communicates this through feelings, emotions, body sensations, imagination and even dreams.

So what does this have to do with LIFE CHANGING habits?

If you want your habits to change your LIFE, you must be willing to understand your brain and how and when it works against you with your thoughts (on autopilot) and programming (unconscious). Learning the role the subconscious and unconscious mind play in your thoughts, behaviors, actions and in turn, results, is vital to creating habits that change your life.

The reason why your current habits DON’T STICK is because you keep CHANGING tracks unconsciously. That’s the primitive response to FEAR.

Rather than acknowledging the fear that lives in the subconscious, we instead look to our reasons and evidence to justify our decisions.  

The LIFE CHANGING habit formula is not about the ‘doingness’ of the repeated tasks necessarily, even though we know this creates new neural pathways, which then create good habits (and that’s all good). It’s about NOTICING what thoughts get in the way when we get stopped and EXAMINING them.

Life changing habits come from using your conscious mind. OVER and OVER again.

It takes quality thoughts to create life changing habits. Quality thoughts lead to a quality life. As long as you don’t realize the importance of skilled conscious thinking, you will not create life changing habits. You will get detoured over and over again.

Skilled thinking is not intuitive. It takes understanding your mind and how it manufactures thoughts. Just like using a chainsaw, you’d be wise to read the manual and understand it before operating it:)

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