Completion: How it’s done…

Most people start new projects, work on new ideas and plan their new year without doing the work to complete their former projects, ideas and encumbrances.

This practice crowds your brain and takes the space needed to create something new. Completion work requires letting go of ALL incompletions. That includes unfulfilled goals, upsets, disappointments and unfulfilled promises (to yourself and others). It’s letting go of things that still hold energy within you. You can’t start something new with little energetic reserve.

Most people think completion is only about acknowledging what didn’t get done. But true completion is about letting go of all the disappointments, release burdensome energy and it gives you the opportunity to be present. It is an act of acceptance, of generosity and forgiveness. Therefore, the act of being complete is truly an acknowledgment of all of it and ultimately an empowered declaration of true completeness.

Done. Finished. Complete.

You may want to make peace with unhealthy relationships, your income, or abandoned goals. Perhaps, you’re still holding something against someone. Given those examples, completion is an ongoing process.

But a lot of us have a practice of only doing completion work at the end of the year, as we begin a new year, or none at all. Most of us are not aware of this and then we wonder why things don’t happen for us.

Some of the activities of completion work include: saying what is there, being present to one’s accomplishments and where we get stopped, declaring things complete as they are – finished or unfinished and being with what’s so. This requires getting things out of your head and onto paper.

Given that we are completing 2018 and starting with 2019, here is one exercise I use to complete my year. I hope you find it helpful.

1.  List all the areas in your life for which you want to do completion.  (E.g. work, family, health, money, each projects, etc.)

2.  Under each category, list all your accomplishments & progress, big and small.

3.  Read back your accomplishment list and “be with” them.  Take them in, savor, and relish on them!

5. Start a new list with what is still incomplete. Make peace with your list. Be with it, without judgment.

6.  Look at the incompletion list and make declarations about them.  (E.g. “I will re-commit to this project in 2019” or “I am satisfied with my progress on this and declare it to be complete.” or “I will empower this relationship in 2019 by….”

7.  Create/design new intentions or projects for 2019.

Done. Finished. Complete = No burdensome energy behind it.

Would love to hear how this exercise goes for you.

Cheers to an incredible 2019!

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