How did you do in 2018?

Hard to believe the year is coming to an end.

How did it go for you?

Did you accomplish your TOP goal for 2018?

Did you set goals only to abandon them later? Did you achieve some and not others? Wherever you are right now is perfect. This is a good time for self reflection. This is a good time to wrap things up. Recalibrate. This is a good time for completion (more on that next month).  

One of the reasons why we DO or DON'T fulfill on our goals is how we relate to them. Is it an intention or a commitment? Neither is wrong. One aspires for something, the other is decisive. When creating goals, we need BOTH.

Another aspect (and what makes the biggest difference, in my opinion) is


I could share a lot on accountability from an ontological perspective, but for today I will keep it simple.

Accountability, simply put, is taking responsibility for what you have agreed to do.

Most of us think we need to be responsible to another (a friend, a coach, a group), in order to act on things. There is a difference between being accountable and being held accountable. I teach my clients how to be accountable to themselves. This is way more empowering.

It's not something most of us are not practiced at doing because we rely on external motivation to get things done. Again, not a bad thing, but self-accountability is a worthy endeavor to pursue if you want to exercise your innate power.

Could you use more accountability in your life? I'd love to support you to get where you want to go. We dive deep on this topic in my mastermind groups but also a concept I like to explore with my one-on-one clients. Check these out if you want to make 2019 an INCREDIBLE year.

Cheers to the NEW YEAR ahead!

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