Authentic Leadership Presence 

I believe we are all born leaders, but most of us have this leadership thing all wrong. It’s not our fault. We’ve been socialized into believing that leadership is equivalent to status, rank, or achievements. Certainly, it takes leadership skills to achieve great things, but I believe TRUE leadership is in our willingness to be uncomfortable. Leadership is an inside out approach.

As an introverted woman leader, self-leadership is not a luxury, it’s a must! If you want to stop feeling misunderstood, mislabeled, or misrepresented, you must be willing to get uncomfortable. Whether you want to be more of a leader at home or in your job or business, authentically stepping into your leadership presence will be the key. This will enable you to be real, be aligned with what you value, live your purpose, be seen and heard for who you really are, and ultimately, achieve personal and financial success.


I’m Nancy


I help quiet or introverted leaders stop hiding their brilliance and authentically show up with presence, confidence, influence, and authority.★

For 8 years, I have dedicated my life to studying brain science, leadership development, and the application of brain-based principles to step into the leader I know I was born to be. I once was a painfully shy, socially anxious, quiet person. I was too afraid to speak up, ask for things, or create powerful results in my life. I held back in so many ways. This created needless pain and suffering, a stagnating career, and failed personal and professional relationships.

I now coach introverted, shy, or quiet people to be great self-leaders, both in their personal and professional lives. As a result, they can show up with clarity, presence, confidence, and purpose. AND as a fellow introvert, I promise you that you give up nothing and will never compromise yourself, yet you will connect to yourself and others in a way that is real and empowering.

What I Do


  • Be a confident and effective leader.
  • Lead with presence, power, and clarity.
  • Find your unique voice.
  • Communicate authentically and effectively.
  • Upgrade your influence and not be passed up or overlooked.
  • Grow in your professional role as a leader or business owner.
  • Develop your own leadership style and skills.
  • Be able to talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Personal Development

  • Put yourself “out there” without being fake or phony.
  • Confidently ask for and receive what you want.
  • Break free from the grip of anxiety.
  • Overcome self-doubt.
  • Upgrade your personal and professional relationships.
  • Develop healthy and productive habits.
  • Get clear on what you value, what moves you, and stand for.


  • Tap into your personal power easily and readily.
  • Transform your relationship with yourself and become more of who you really are.
  • Operate as the highest expression of your being.
  • Create greater self-awareness that takes you into untapped realms and possibilities.
  • Be a solid, compelling, and socially/emotionally intelligent individual.

Word on the street

"...by far the best coach I have ever worked with!"

Stacy Laine

"I can't say enough good things about working with Nancy as my coach!"

Brigitte Belle

"I found courage I didn't know I had!"

Eileen Mendel

"I have a whole new understanding of introversion!"

Vicky Hartwell-Ivins

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