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Do you worry you might be too shy or introverted to succeed?

Do you secretly believe you can't have the impact and influence you dream of without changing yourself?

What if you could be a person of influence in your own quiet way?

Hi, I'm Nancy.

I am a mindset reset coach for conscious introverts and a fierce advocate for them to come out of hiding, find their unique voice, make their mark in the world and contribute their gifts without trying to fit in an extraverted model.


As an introvert myself, I know what it’s like to feel like I’m supposed to be the loudest person in the room to be heard. But I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to change who you are to lead with power, grow a business, or speak on stage.

Ten years ago I left the nursing field to raise my family. I dreamed of starting my own business but I thought I didn’t have the skills or know anything beyond nursing. The online world was so loud and I couldn’t understand at all how to make an impact and become the person of influence I knew I could be.

I allowed my thoughts and fears to stop me from starting my business...

What if I can’t do it?  What if I’m too shy?  What if I’m not confident enough? What if I’m simply not good enough?  These concerns seemed legit at the time, as they do for many of my clients. 

Self-deception FEELS true.

I am embarrassed to admit how many days, weeks, and months I let go by before I stopped this treadmill of deception, tapped into my true essence and allowed myself to be fully self expressed. The beautiful thing was that the process I used on myself turned out to be transformational for my coaching clients.

I developed a set of tools and processes that have helped dozens of shy womenpreneurs go from self-deception to authentic self-expression and to becoming people of influence, in their own right.

I am on a mission to help shy and introverted women solopreneurs overcome the negative self-talk and old beliefs that make them feel small and insignificant and to become empowered and fully self-expressed, never worrying about being overlooked or feeling undervalued again.

To show up in life with power and presence.

We live in a world where some think they need to be loud to be successful in business. Introverts may feel lost, disconnected, overwhelmed, out of place, unseen or unable to keep up with the pace and demands of our extroverted world. This may cause you to struggle in growing your business in a way that feels authentic.

Some of the most successful leaders in world are introverts.

The question isn’t whether you can be successful. You can and may already be. It is whether you can feel good and genuine about it.

If you don’t feel good about how you are traversing the road to success, you will not feel authentically successful, and thus both your personal and professional growth will be hindered. The good news is that you can grow a successful business by BEING yourself. You don't need to struggle and you don't need to act or behave in a way that does not feel true to who you are. By the way, we LOVE our extroverted counterparts. We're just cut from a different fabric.

What if you could create an authentic business model so that you can truly contribute and serve your clients in a way that feels right to you? What if you could create the kind of success you can feel really good about?

There are qualities of being that allow you to remain true to your quiet ways and yet still be seen, heard and have an impact.

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 The Six Master Skills Every Introverted Woman in Business Must Develop to Connect, Influence, and Communicate with Clarity and Authority.
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I’m here for you if you are a conscious introvert who needs a fierce advocate to help you
  • Have you and your business come out of hiding
  • Be seen, heard and remembered from the value you offer to your clients
  • Find your unique voice
  • Make your mark in the world by increasing your visibility
  • Make more money
  • All without trying to fit in an extraverted model. 

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"Having struggled with social anxiety pretty much all my life, this course was a major eye-opener and refresher for me, filled with many "ah-ha!" moments. It was so amazing to be reminded by Nancy that I have so much more power over my thoughts and emotions than I truly realize (or often, tend to forget) and that making simple shift in my thoughts can have a dramatic impact on my feelings. 

I can't say enough good things about "REWIRED" and about working with Nancy as my coach. 

Thank you Nancy, truly for what you do. From the bottom of my heart, you are truly an amazing coach and teacher! 
If anyone is "on the fence" about joining her course, my advice to you would be to "just do it!"  You'll learn lessons that will not just help you overcome social anxiety and develop confidence, but tools that you can carry with you throughout the rest of your life!"

- Brigitte Belle
Author. Coach. Entrepreneur.