Leadership Coaching
For High-Achieving Introverted Women

Let’s work together¬†

The practice of intentionally influencing one’s own thoughts, feelings, and behavior toward desired goals.
Personal Presence
Understanding that how we show up, connect, speak, listen, and behave, gives us the ability to connect authentically with others.
Social & Emotional

The ability to be aware of our own emotions and those of others, in the moment, and to use that information to manage ourselves and our relationships.

Hi! My name is Nancy
I help quiet or introverted leaders stop hiding their brilliance and authentically show up with presence, confidence, influence, and authority.
For 8 years, I have dedicated my life to studying brain science, leadership development, and the application of brain-based principles to step into the leader I know I was born to be. I once was a painfully shy, socially anxious, quiet person. If that is you, we must talk!

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